June to September 2017

It was a joy to be working on Synthetic Landscapes for Meadow Arts – an amzing cultural organisation that commissioned us to do a site specific project.

It wasn’t just about having the right skills to do the job – we had to think outside the box, understand the environment we were working in, and given that the work was in a location of heritage or protected status, we needed to be sympathetic to the materials and buildings around us.

A bothy was a term for basic accommodation, usually for gardeners or other workers on an estate and the project got the permission to use Weston Park’s bothies for the artists to display their works, opening them to the public for the first time. 

The wealth of the estate back in it’s time is hard to comprehend. The wall of the garden was double lined, where furnace rooms were built to heat the wall up in order to keep the pineapple house warm on the other side!

The remit was to provide power to these buildings, which would have artworks installed for 3 months, but also to make the space appear as undisturbed as when we first found them. 

This, therefore, required negotiating between cobwebs and bat droppings, leaky roof and walls, and platters of crumbling plaster all around. It had to be safe, so using waterproof IP65 sockets and switches. Additionally, the space was going to be managed by the estate staff, so had to be simple to shut down and switch back on each day without failure.

The result was extraordinary, allowing the visitors to explore these special sites, to discover installations that beat with life amongst the old, abandoned artefacts.