More than just a colour #556b2f

More than just a colour #556b2f

We love bringing ideas to life

Event management

Organising people to come together well requires planning, co-ordinating and risk managing.

With years of experience in Event Management, we know what can happen and how to avoid many of the risks that can play a role.

We can help with the designing, co-ordinating, licensing and insurance, costing, staffing and solving production issues that any event presents, whether it is indoor, or presented with site specific challenges.

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The project used existing transport festivals as a platform to engage those who don’t usually see the arts as “for them” using dynamic and exciting programming and participation attracting thousands of visitors to the event.

Moonlight Flicks for Storyhouse

We were commissioned by Storyhouse to utilise all the resources the city had to offer and make into a venue or a performance space. One of the projects to come from that was Moonlight Flicks, an outdoor silent cinema in the ancient Roman gardens of Chester.

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029 2053 8168‬

Little Graig, Llanfair Waterdine, Shropshire LD7 1TS

029 2053 8168

Little Graig, Llanfair Waterdine, Shropshire LD7 1TS

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