Building bridges is a walk in the park

Pablo Bronstein bridge

Chinese Bridges in Landscape by Pablo Bronstein, a Meadow Arts commission 2017.

​​This project was part of an exhibition called Synthetic Landscapes produced by Meadow Arts in 2017 at Weston Park, Staffordshire.

The challenge here was simple. The artist was going to produce two pieces of artwork, which were to be printed on to sections of marine ply, and then laser cut.

Our task was to work out how to assemble the artwork on to a framework that would be up for 3 months, which did not distract you from the illusion, but also became apparent that it was a flat billboard as you got closer.

We produced a 3D sketch of the design so that the artist could see what it would look like, and how the two bridges worked together, and which gave us an idea of the positioning of them with sight lines.

Because we would not get to see the artwork until it arrived, we needed to build a workbench on site so we could lay the pieces down and line up the framework properly.

Pablo Bronstein is an Argentinian artist who lives and works in London. His work spans from drawing to choreography and performance; always with a focus on architecture. 

Bronstein's illustrations of buildings resemble architectural plans of 18th Century France and the 1980's, with much reference to Baroque. However, these are not drawings of real places, they have been dreamt up in Bronstein's imagination. 

Synthetic Landscapes | Meadow Arts | 2017
The Drawing Room | Oriel Davies | 2016/17

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