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Community festival of transport

We Production Managed 4 locations in North West England for a transport themed collaboration festival

This was a collection of large scale public events focussed around the theme of transport, with walkabouts, site specific and performance acts.

In 2014 a unique partnership between volunteer led Fleetwood Festival of Transport, Creative People & Places project LeftCoast and Wyre Council’s Arts and Events team was formed. The idea was to programme a large-scale transport themed piece of art, into the hugely successful and well-established Tram Sunday programme.

In subsequent years the collaboration expanded to include Cheshire East Council, Crewe Town Council, Oldham Council, and Sandbach.

Dark Olive was brought in to run the Production Management contract, responsible for ensuring all events ran safely and on budget.

What  was great about this project was that it required seperate local authorities, town councils, and independent cultural organisations to work together, share best practice and support each other.


Chesire East Reflects Cover

When the Light Goes Out

When the Light Goes Out by Cheshire East Council was two large-scale events to commemorate the end of the First World War.

Precious Clay Cover

The Precious Clay

Meadow Arts and Royal Worcester Museum take clay and explore it’s form and meaning.

Green Space Dark Skies Cover

Green Space Dark Skies

A national landscape project funded by Unboxed, created by producers Walk The Plank, and called Green Space Dark Skies.

Synthetic Landscapes Cover

Synthetic Landscapes

Renowned contemporary artists were invited to explore Weston Park and its history, responding to Capability Brown and James Paine.

More than just a colour

An identifier code in the hex colour scheme referred to as Dark Olive.

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