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A Policy is a framework that sets out a clear understanding of responsibilities and set of instructions you will follow if a certain thing happens.

The purpose of our policies is to provide a unified approach and response to a situation where Dark Olive CIC is involved in.

It is an evolving process, where documents may be updated in response to a current review of the situation.

Because our work involves outdoor and all weather settings, we must ensure our insurance policies can protect us. This means we are evidence based in our approach to health and safety and compliance.

Equally, as we continue to develop our education programme, we must ensure that everyone involved is protected and considered in any situation that Dark Olive is involved.

We will be working with vulnerable people so we recognise that we need to consider further safeguards and the environment in supporting those persons.

We will focus strongly on neurodivergent persons, and ensuring access and inclusion are made available with appropriate support.

When we can achieve a standard that everyone can follow, we can start to simplify the processes and focus on the outcome we are trying to achieve.

This section lists all our current policies.

More than just a colour

An identifier code in the hex colour scheme referred to as Dark Olive.

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