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Safeguarding Policy

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Scope of the Policy

This policy is provided for Dark Olive CIC customers, learners and staff members who are using or delivering qualifications offered by Dark Olive CIC.

Review arrangements

Dark Olive CIC will review this policy annually in line with self-assessment arrangements. This policy will also be revised as and when necessary, in response to customer and learner feedback or good practice guidance issued by an awarding organisation or other regulatory body.

Location of the Policy

This policy is available for all staff members, third parties and learners to access.

Communication of the Policy

Each staff member involved in the management, delivery, assessment and quality assurance of qualifications offered by Dark Olive CIC, shall be made aware of this policy during their induction period of employment. Learners undertaking Dark Olive CIC qualifications shall be informed of this policy during their induction process.

Policy Statement

Dark Olive CIC is strongly committed to practices that protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect or significant harm. Employees recognise and accept their responsibilities to develop their awareness of risks and issues involved in safeguarding.

Dark Olive CIC also recognises and accepts that it has a responsibility to protect staff from unfounded allegations of abuse.



For the purposes of this policy and procedures, children are defined in the Children Act of 2005 as a person under the age of 18 years. The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 defines a ‘vulnerable adult’ as a person aged 18 and over and:-

  • Receiving a social care service
  • Receiving a health service
  • Living in sheltered accommodation
  • Detained in custody or under a probation order
  • Requiring assistance in the conduct of his/her affairs
  • Receiving a service or participating in an activity targeted at older people, people with disabilities or which physical or mental health conditions
  • Any other adults whose particular circumstances make them vulnerable at a particular time


Accountability and Responsibility

Staff members are responsible for monitoring and managing incidents or concerns and liaising with the relevant safeguarding agencies when appropriate.

Dark Olive CIC is responsible for ensuring that Safeguarding Policy and procedures are in place, and that they are available for scrutiny by the relevant authorities.

Dark Olive CIC is accountable for the overall Safeguarding Policy of the organisation and will act in accordance with the statutory and legislative guidance to safeguard and protect the welfare of learners and employees.

Dark Olive CIC has a duty to promote safeguarding issues and measures to staff and ensure that:

  • Risks are assessed to ensure practice are likely to protect staff members from false allegations
  • Staff are made aware of their responsibility to report suspected poor practice or possible abuse
  • Staff members undertake regular training and CPD relating to safeguarding, to raise awareness of current issues and legislation
  • DBS checks are completed on all staff members
  • ID badges are worn by all staff members
  • All possible barriers are in place to protect and safeguard learners, employees and customers from harm


Dark Olive CIC has a responsibility to ensure safe recruitment and employment practices. New and existing staff who frequently or intensively work with children, young people and vulnerable adults in training, supervision or advice, will be subjected to DBS and pre-employment checks.


Statutory Framework

Dark Olive CIC has met all legislative requirements and good practice standards in safeguarding through adherence to all statutory legislation, including but not limited to The Children’s Act 1988 and The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

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