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Equal Opportunity Employer Policy

Policy Content

Policy adopted:

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Scope of the Policy

This policy is provided for Dark Olive CIC staff members.

Review arrangements

Dark Olive CIC will review this policy annually in line with self-assessment arrangements. This policy will also be revised as and when necessary, in response to staff feedback or good practice guidance.

Location of the Policy

This policy is available for all staff members to access.

Communication of the Policy

Each staff member involved in the management and delivery of work offered by Dark Olive CIC, shall be made aware of this policy during their induction period of employment. 

Policy Statement

Dark Olive CIC equal opportunity employer policy reflects our commitment to ensure equality and promote diversity in the workplace.

This equal employment opportunity policy is the pillar of a healthy and productive workplace. Everyone should feel supported and valued to work productively so we are invested in treating everyone with respect and consideration.

Equal opportunity is for everyone, but it mainly concerns members of underrepresented groups – they’re the ones who are traditionally disadvantaged in the workplace. We don’t guarantee employment or promotions for people in those groups, but we will treat them fairly and avoid discriminating against them either via conscious or unconscious biases.


Statement of Principle

Being an equal opportunity employer means that Dark Olive CIC provide the same opportunities for hiring, advancement and benefits to everyone without discriminating due to protected characteristics like:

  • Age
  • Sex / Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Ethnicity/ Nationality
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Medical history


What is an EEO policy?

Dark Olive CIC built this equal employment opportunity policy around preventive and affirmative actions to ensure fairness in all aspects of employment. These aspects include:

  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Evaluating performance
  • Administering compensation and benefits
  • Terminating employees


Dark Olive CIC want to make sure that equal opportunity applies to other instances. For example, Dark Olive CIC won’t retaliate against employees and are committed to prevent and resolve any kind of harassment against employees, including sexual harassment.

Dark Olive CIC HR department is responsible for assessing the company’s processes and ensuring they are bias-free. Whenever Dark Olive CIC find biases interfering, Dark Olive CIC will act immediately to refine the processes, train people to combat their biases and protect possible victims of discrimination. Dark Olive CIC will give everyone the chance to work in an environment where their rights are respected.



To promote equal opportunity, Dark Olive CIC first ensure to follow EEOC regulations and EEO laws that apply to each part of Dark Olive CIC.

Dark Olive CIC will also take additional actions to promote fairness and diversity as part of it’s equal employment opportunity policy. Grievance Procedure

All supervisors and managers are responsible to use equal opportunity practices and make decisions based on objective, non-discriminatory criteria. Everyone should comply with our policy at all times.

If you see or suspect that our EEO policies are being violated, feel free to inform HR immediately. If you suspect that someone is behaving in a wrong way but doesn’t realize it, you could also talk to them directly.


Disciplinary Consequences

When someone discriminates, they will be subject to disciplinary action depending on the severity of their actions. For example, unintentionally offending a coworker might warrant a reprimand, but harassing someone systematically might result in demotion or termination.

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